Thursday, February 08, 2007

Response to an Otaku

In a recent posting Otaku, Cedrik comments on the "death" of debugging in the world of TDD. I tried making the following post on his blog but for some reason his comment system wouldn't accept it (did I miss a harsh word or a viagra sale attempt in it?). So here it is instead:

I can't come anywhere near Erik in diplomacy and politeness so I'm just going to say that I agree completely with him. If you feel most comfortable running your code every time in a debugger first, then by all means do so. But there is no need to get upset because those around you are feeling more comfortable using their debuggers less.

One thing I will point out is that personally my tests are so specific and simple that it usually takes about 2 seconds of looking at one to verify it is what I want. Of course there are points where I still end up using the debugger. I do find that a large percentage of that time is with code that hasn't (inherited code) been switched (yet) to testable code. While I of course have to start up the debugger in my tests on the rare occasion it is just that, rare.

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