Tuesday, February 20, 2007

OO in an ASP.Net World..

Raymond Lewallen is trying to collect information regarding the usage of MVP in an ASP.Net world. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this takes him. As a windows developer I've always wondered how you bring concepts like OO and now TDD to ASP.Net. I've tried looking around for examples that show these concepts and there seems to be a huge blank spot information wise. It seems like 99% of ASP.Net development is being done using procedural code.

One of the arguments I've heard against bringing OO into the ASP.net world is the "cost" of creating an object. Not in terms of the development time but in terms of actual performance. My view is that creating an object is creating an object and I don't know of a single application that doesn't create at least a string. But the question does need to be answered. Does proper OO code cause performance issues in ASP.Net? I'm not at the point where I can answer this question but maybe someone out there can.

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