Wednesday, January 03, 2007

5 Things Eh?

So I've been dragged into the 5 things blog game by Mr. David Woods

1. I'm a huge fan of zombie movies and books. I just got World War Z for Christmas and I had it finished in 2 days.

2. I prefer being cold to being hot. That's reason #1 you'll never get me to spend more then a week in Florida.

3. My first job as a software developer was working with Visual Basic 6.0. I did that for 6 years and now snuggle up to a C# compiler at night.

4. The last two vehicles I've owned were both new and both were written off within a year (neither was at fault thank you very much!)

5. I once sneezed so hard that I twisted a rib.. or so says the doctor.

As for the 5 people I get to tag.. well it seems most of the bloggers I read have already partaken in the game.. I still have a few up my sleeve to tag..

Sahil Malik
Roy Osherove (Congrats on the new baby boy)
Rob Caron
Brad Wilson
Brian Keller

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