Monday, December 11, 2006

Resharper 2.5 EAP Update

Well I've been using the Resharper 2.5 EAP for awhile now and I'm quite impressed with how quickly they have brought the quality of the Visual Basic integration up to snuff. Of course they are only doing the read-only functionality but even that subset of functionality is quite a bit. The EAP has quickly become a tool we can't imagine developing without. One small example is how we've set Alt+U to run all unit tests in the solution. The guy I pair with won't admit it but I think he prefers using the Resharper Unit Test stuff over NUnit. Sure the big green circle isn't as big but the integration and ease of use is so nice. We still use TestDriven.Net for running individual tests but we love Resharper for running all the tests.

In terms of a 3rd party tool nothing I've tried comes close to Resharper in terms of how it will affect your productivity. If you didn't try this before because it was only C# you are in luck. So print out that Key Mapping document and get started today. You won't regret it.

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